How long will heaters burn?

Our heater times are as follows:

  • Umbrella Patio Heaters last approximately 10 hours
  • Flower Pot Heaters last approximately 6 hours
  • Box Tent Heaters last approximately 12 hours
  • Torch Lights last approximately 15 hours
  • Free Standing & Floating Fire Pits are fueled by remote propane tanks and last approximately 6 hours

How tall are your heaters?

  • Umbrella Patio Heaters: 8 ft tall
  • Flower Pot Heaters: 4 ft tall
  • Box Tent Heaters:
  • Torch Lights: 7 ft tall
  • Free Standing Fire Pits: 36 in tall x 34 in wide
  • Floating Fire Pits: 34 in in diameter

Can heaters be placed under a patio cover?

Yes. All  standing heaters direct heat downwards but  must have at least 6 in clearance in all directions. Our flower pot fire pits must have at least 6 ft in all directions.

How much coverage do your heaters provide?

All of our heaters and fire pits provide about 6 to 8 ft of heat in all directions.

What color choices do I have?

Our Umbrella Patio Heaters are available in White, Dark Bronze and Stainless Steel.
Our Flower Pot Heaters and Fire Pits are available in faux grey stone.
Our Torch Light Heaters are available in black.

What is your rental period?

A 24hr period. LVHR will drop heaters off the morning of your event, and pick them up the following morning. (Unless you have extenuating circumstances.)

Am I able to pick up the heaters myself?

No. To insure all of our equipment is delivered pristine and in good working order, we prefer our staff transport and place the equipment. LVHR wants to make sure all of our clients can focus on their main event while we set up and ensure all equipment is placed and set up ready for use.

Are your heaters easy to work?

Yes, when we deliver the equipment, we will not only place the heaters at your requested location, but also run any remote hoses and ensure the pilot lights are working.  All you have to do is turn the heaters on when you are ready to use.

Are there price breaks for renting a specific amount of heaters?

We have priced our heaters below market value which helps to ensure each of our clients receive the best price no matter how many heaters are ordered.

When is payment due?

We accept payment via credit card when you place your order over the phone or when we  deliver the equipment via check, cash or credit card.

How long has LVHR been in business?

Las Vegas Heater Rentals are proud to say we have been in business since 2000, serving a variety of clients in Las Vegas.